Montag, 28. Juni 2010

Dockable Windows

Additionally to using a very simple design for navigating through different pages, I am currently using the AvalonDock library from CodePlex. Seems to work nice (even if I have some issues with some of the themes - it brings my app to crash during startup or after moving a window).
It enebles the GUI to have specific dock regions, where you can arrange document windows. Makes it way easier than using splitter controls inside a grid - they come for free then. The user can arrange the windows like he wants and even remove them from the position an put it on a different screen.
I think that gives an additional functionality and a good look too...

  • AvalonDock gives an easy to use addition to handling in page windows.
  • WPFToolkit used as chart library instread of WPF 4.0 buildin charts (Toolkit is a bit more advanced featurewiese).
  • Another library to maintain and keep updated.

Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010

New Scrolling Metro like UI or old fashioned Dockable Windows?

I am thinking about restyling my WPF app of using something like AvalonDoc ( to give my app the functionality of a multitabbed dockable window GUI like VS or Blend. But that would certainly don't look as cool as a more Metro like style with scrolling animations for switching functions (as shown in the video below).
Any suggestions?

Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

My first Windows Phone 7 Project

The following video shows the first prototyping of my new Windows Phone 7 version of MyTrainLog.
For the beginning I removed all the fancy transitions between the pages. I plan to use the new pivot control to get a better user experience here. It seems to be available now but so far no time for integration yet.

The following technologies are involved here:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition for Windows Phone 7 CTP April Refresh
  • .Net (obviously)
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone 7
  • C# SQLLite WP7 port as a database engine.
  • XML-serialisation of the entities to Isolated Storage.

Some Video Impressions

Video of my first prototype MyDietLog app. Hope you like it.
Sorry - its all in German...

MyDiet Log WPF App.

I am a fitness freak. I can't help it. So I try to eat right and doing some crazy stuff - like doing ketonic dieting for some time now.
To support me I used some free applications out there to count my calories and the combination of macro nutritions. Unfortunately no app (I could get hold on) was satisfying my needs.
So I just took the opportunity and tried to do something new - with Windows Presentation Foundation. The first time for me - at least with this level of complexity.

Trying to do a very good app design with a fancy new GUI look and feel should be doable with WPF. Using animations for transitions - inspired by the clean Metro design from might make the optical representation really good. Modern hardware supports that stuff anyways.
And the option to access some codebasis to create a mobile app for my (upcoming) Windows Phone 7 would make that a nice approach too...

The following technologies I am using right now:
  • .Net Framework 4.0
  • Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0
  • Entity Framework (included in Visua Studio 2010)
  • Visualisation Framework (included in VS 2010)
  • SQL Server Compact Edition (single db file).
So far I am rather far on the road but still not even near my goal. I like to integrate that tool with my other App (MyTrainLog to create a really goo integrated fitness support environment. If I would have more time for all that stuff :)

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

I recently subscribed to the Windows Phone Marketplace. Thats one of the requirements to fulfill if you need a developer phone :) Not that I have any hope on receiving one.
Anyways - I am first in line for a release phone... I love the GUI approach these devices are taking.
Look at : for some more details if you are interested in a very good alternative mobile plattform.
Registering on the market seems to be rather difficult. You need to jump through some holes to get the certification process done. That was way easier on Googles market but there I dont have a payed app out :)

New Blog again

I decided to put together some informations about modern application design. Just my thoughts about getting familiar with developing rich client interfaces with Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight.
There might be even the occational article about Java and Netbeans RCP.
Hope it helps.