Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

MyDietLog gets some new features

So the new beta of the SDK was out last week. This weekend I finally had time to code some new stuff into the very early stage of the MyDietLog for Windows Phone 7 (nice title).
So its now possible to sync date from the OData service (given via the Windows 7 based MyDietLog applications) and store the data in the IsolatedStorage of your Phone 7. After that you don't need the connection anymore and you can work offline. Syncing fresh data to the client is always possible from the home screen.
Editing data of your dailies can be done too. Up to now there is no syncing back to the central store. The corresponding sync framework is not available right now - or I have to code one myself - not decided yet...
You will notice that the loading is very fast if the database is already stored. The deserialisation is astonishingly fast - about 1500 entries for the in memory database right now.
Even the syncing is rather fast, as its done in the background and during startup. It takes only 3 seconds. But thats localhost and on the same machine. But the complete databasefile on the service is only about 1MB big. So it should not take so long - even streaming via bloated Atom feed.

Here is a short video from the current version:

So far nothing hered from Microsoft about a prototype dev device. Seems these have a very high demand and my little project is not mainstream enough to get interest from MS.
Anyways - I would have to live with the emulator for a while it seems.

Technologies used in the app:
  1. OData client via Atom feed
  2. PanoramicControl from codeplex - will be replaced with the control from Microsoft when available.
  3. IsolatedStorage to save the configuration (Destination address of the OData feed) and Database (ObservableCollection)
  4. ApplicationBar for syncing with OData service

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