Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010

Windows Phone 7 Prototype OData consumer

I finally managed to get the OData lib "unsigned" so that the April refresh of the Phone SDK will accept it.

After that it was not very difficult to fill some ListBox with the retrieved data. It will be retrieved asynchronously. But strangely it seems to block the GUI nevertheless.
Is the WP7 collecting the network data somehow in the UI thread, even if I use AsyncRequests? Strange.

Then I tried the codeplex library for pivot and panorama control. Was rather easy to implement. Thx to the guys who wrote this :) (see for more details).
Now it would be time to fill in some more functions like collecting and displaying data based on user input.
Unfortunately the screen realestate is a bit limited using the panoramic control. Maybe I will reduce the space of the title a bit to get more actual content on the screen...

See the video:

Keep in mind, that the phone will eat about 3000 records in the list. Its rather fast even then. But you see already the limitations of a "normal" listview, as its way to slow to get from start to end. We need some fast accessor here, where you dynamically create a scrollbar.

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  1. Usefull link to get up to speed with OData on the Phone: