Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

OData Adventures continued

I reorganized my app totally to get used to a more panorama friendly way of presenting the data. Much easier than I had in my first approach. Finding a good gui design is not really easy :)
I'll post a new video in a few days (Germany is playing in he cup tomorrow).

OData retrieval of my daily consumed food is already be splitted up into differend day.zones. Nice to get the data from the server and easily bind it to the listviews.
BUT the odata lib seems to have some huge problems with LinQ. I could not get a simple query through without an exception.

var query = from a in context.table where a.name=="name" select a;

Not working:
var query = from a in context.table where a.name==paramName select a;

with paramName given as a function arg to the query processing function.

collection.LoadAsync(query) is failing in th esecond case. I tried to get some infos about how to fix it in the msdn forum right now.  Hope someone has an idea...

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