Samstag, 3. Juli 2010

OData Adventures

I recently encountered some new technology named OData. Really cool stuff, to get a smaller footprint compared to SOAP WebServices.
A lightweight approach to access data in the cloud. You can do all the basic stuff you can do on a SQL database via just putting some data in your URL and you will receive a XML stream in Atom compatible way (so the browser could see that as a feed).
Nice if you like to access your data from different devices, as its rather easy to implement client access to it - it is already provided for different languages. (

Currently I am thinking about making my MyDietLog application OData server. That was not really hard, as WCF 4.0 (Windows Communication Foundation) provides a way to even give OData feeds out in a stand alone application. I dont like to get a fully fledged ASP.NET server out there. Of cause its only in the local LAN so far. But moving the stuff out to a .Net capable internet host (maybe even Azure) would be not so difficult.

I finally managed to get my OData hosted on a stand alone WPF/WCP app. Nice. Even the clientaccesspolicy is working and the OData feed spills out (of the browser). Was not easy as its not really well documented (was Binging all day lol).
So I tried the OData lib for WP7 and managed to create the proxy classes (hope this will possible through the service menu of VS 2010 in the final release).

Now the problems started. Deployment failed on the Phone (emulator of cause).

I read that there might be some signing issues with the OData assembly. As there is unfortunately no source ready for the OData access classes, I tried to remove the signing (some powershell script) - but it claims that no scripting is allowed on my machine - I gave up for the day...

Lets see if I get motivated to start again today. But now you see the problems if you use CTP stuff - but thats what we all love, right?

If anyone is interested in some source examples on how to do a OData host in a stand alone WCF app, give me a note. I'll try to help.

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